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Brazil Trends is an authentic Brazilian brand that uses natural ingredients from the Amazon’s Rainforest, such as Cupuaçu and Buriti allowing us to offer healthier and innovative solutions to beauty professionals and the public.

Here, at Brazil Trends, we respect and worry about the health and welfare of hair stylists and the public. With that always in mind, using our own laboratory with state of the art equipment, our team of experts meticulously selects the finest ingredients and is constantly researching to ensure that we develop a broad mix of safer and revolutionary products that promote a safe working environment during the application process while offering a healthier and more pleasant experience to the clients.


The idea of sustainability is directly related to the economic and material development without harming the environment while utilizing the natural resources in an intelligent way ensuring their availability to future generations.

It’s no secret that manufacturers are re-evaluating their social responsibilities. Well, Brazil Trends wouldn’t be an exception!

Here, we are not just re-evaluating our responsibility. Our goal is to erase our carbon footprint while still offering superior products!

We have adopted and enforced strict rules on all of our procedures: From replacing all of our packaging by utilizing exclusively recyclable containers to the purchasing and using only regulated raw material from suppliers that adhere to the rules of extraction and processing and help to maintain the local community that depends on that economy to survive.

It is our vision that, in the future, more and more companies will be enforcing environmentally friendly guidelines for their day to day operations to ensure the preservation of what is left of this planet, as far as natural resources, by building a safer and healthier environment so that our next generations can live on a better quality of life!

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What inspires Brazil Trends to use all natural ingredients from Brazil? We always have been passionate about hair, BUT is YOU, the passionate beauty professional and your clients.

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Natural Hair Styling Products

How many times have you styled your hair and every hair is in place, you step outside and that chic look is gone in an instant due to humidity, wind or rain? You are left with dull, frizzy, unmanageable hair.

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All treatments

Most women wish for lustrous full hair. Unfortunately, it often remains just a wish. The reason is a lack of care or the wrong hair products. All hair is not the same therefore not all products will work on your hair type.

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