After Care

Featuring the Same Active ingredients present in the Professional System!

Pro Style

Using exclusive nanotechnology, it simultaneously smoothes and treats the hair naturally using all the benefits of the Cupuaçu oil and the Keratin amino acids. It seals the cuticles with Sericin, a natural protein produced by silk worms. Reduces the volume and frizz leaving a moisturized, unparalleled silky-smooth and shiny hair. Its natural formula and low pH makes it compatible to all chemically treated hair. Please perform a porosity test before applying! 


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Blond Brush

Uses exclusive nanotechnology. It contains Buriti Oil, Argan oil and Amino acids. A natural formula and low pH makes it compatible with all chemically treated hair. Already brings in its formula violet pigments to protect the hair color. It smoothes the hair down instantly, leaving the strands flexible and without frizz. Perform a porosity test previous to the application!

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Discover Brazil Trends Professional Products

What inspires Brazil Trends to use all natural ingredients from Brazil? We always have been passionate about hair, BUT is YOU, the passionate beauty professional and your clients.

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Natural Hair Styling Products

How many times have you styled your hair and every hair is in place, you step outside and that chic look is gone in an instant due to humidity, wind or rain? You are left with dull, frizzy, unmanageable hair.

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All treatments

Most women wish for lustrous full hair. Unfortunately, it often remains just a wish. The reason is a lack of care or the wrong hair products. All hair is not the same therefore not all products will work on your hair type.

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